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Concentrated Bible Certificate



Our goal is to build growing believers who understand and integrate scripture into life and service.  We foster biblical and theological reflection that enables individuals to live, to think and to minister according to a biblical worldview (with wisdom and compassion).

Department Objectives

Students will:

1. Articulate a basic knowledge of Scripture and theology.

2. Apply a valid hermeneutical method of research skills in biblical interpretation.

3. Demonstrate an exegetically sound, biblically informed, historically and culturally sensitive theological method.

4. Appraise differing biblical, theological, cultural, and historical views.

5. Formulate a biblical worldview demonstrated in life and ministry.

6. Exhibit sensitivity to the global community in biblical and theological dialogue.

7. Display a commitment to grow scripturally and theologically.

Analysis of Evidences

Based on the institutional-wide curriculum revision, the Bible and Theology department underwent a curriculum revision.  Instituted four years ago, the new curriculum offers a more integrated approach to theology and biblical studies and a more explicit attempt to connect theology and biblical studies to life.  Based upon specific recommendations of the curriculum task force, we instituted the course Prelude to Biblical and Theological Studies, to orient students to our department’s goals, offerings, and curriculum.  Also based on suggestions stemming from the curriculum revision, we have initiated three courses specifically designed for majors in other professional departments.  These include consistently offering a section of Psalms, taught by faculty in the Worship and Performing Arts Department; Theology of Competition and Sport, taught by faculty in the Health and Physical Education faculty; and Theology of Mission, taught by faculty in the Intercultural Studies Department.

We continue to look at how we might better serve students.  We are in the process of continuing to evaluate the curriculum, especially the Bible courses (courses listed as BIB, BNT, and BOT).  While we have a capstone course for the theology curriculum (THE courses), we need to develop a capstone course for the Bible courses, or even one that integrates the theology and Bible portions of the curriculum.  We also need to develop courses, as the three mentioned above, designed specifically for majors in the other professional departments.


Bible and Theology Evidences and Supporting Documents