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Early Childhood Education (Grade PreK-4)




The Early Childhood Education program trains students from a philosophical base which reflects a biblical worldview to serve the community as teachers in public and private schools in pre-Kindergarten through grade four.

Analysis of Evidences

The Early Childhood program has changed and developed over the past several years due to the new certifications offered by Pennsylvania.  The Education faculty went through a rigorous writing and reworking of its courses to fulfill the new regulations, but they were also mindful of maintaining the integrity of the department’s objectives and mission.  Praxis scores and student teaching surveys continue to attest to the fact that the program is graduating students who are competent in content knowledge and pedagogy.  Although the job market is difficult, students are finding employment within the education field.  As new certification tests become effective in spring 2012, the department will use these results to continue to assess courses and requirements.  As with any program certified by an outside organization, there will always be the tension between state mandated regulations and the mission of the institution.  The Education department faculty will continue to look for ways to work within these guidelines while maintaining our commitment to train effective educators that teach with a biblical worldview.

More specific analysis of evidences and use of the results can be found in the Comprehensive Outcomes and Assessment Plan.

Early Childhood Education Evidences and Supporting Documents