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The Marketing Department exists to strategically promote and position LBC, its brand(s), and its image to internal and external audiences.

Department Outcomes

1.  Develop and implement integrated marketing strategy

2.  Promote institution through relevant physical and digital methods

3.  Support Recruitment, Enrollment, and Advancement

4.  Build, educate, and protect LBC’s brand and visual properties

5.  Support LBC’s various departments in their objectives/initiatives

6.  Communicate externally using various media to build institutional awareness

7.  Influence opinions about and reputation of LBC and its mission through clearly crafted communication

Analysis of Evidences

The FY11-12 marked a number of changes in the marketing department, most notably the transition from a server-based proprietary CMS system to a web-based CMS subscription, Percussion, to provide a solution to the significant number of website challenges LBC faced (per “Direct Evidences” and “Use of Direct Evidences” in Ongoing Objectives of FY10-11 COAP). Furthermore, the new CMS will allow for the relatively simple creation of numerous landing pages and site updates in the upcoming academic/fiscal year as part of the institutional digital strategy (p. 13-18, 22, 25-28 of “Institutional Marketing Strategies and Communications Plan” (evidence doc 11-12_02) per #1 of Short-term Goals and Direct Evidences in FY11-12 COAP).

One of the main goals in the upcoming academic year will be to implement a centralized marketing model (per evidence docs 11-12_02, 11-12_03, and 11-12_04, drafted, revised, and approved earlier in the calendar year). While specific strategies are outlined for various departments and programs, the primary goal (and the primary challenge) will be changing the culture and mindset of the leaders of these departments and programs to see the needs of the greater good (the mission and vision of LBC) above what they may view as their of highest importance to their own area. It is maintaining a biblical perspective that “if one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it” (1 Cor. 12:26).


Marketing Evidences and Supporting Documents