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Pastoral Ministry




The Pastoral ministry program seeks to train servant leaders as shepherds who build and lead healthy, missional churches.

Analysis of Evidences

The last 19 years of my life have been given primarily to investing of several hundred students in the Pastoral Majors who studied at Lancaster Bible College.  The one-man Department has now morphed into a cohesive group of nine full time faculty and staff, with another six or seven  adjunct faculty teaching in any given semester.  The Department’s vision has expanded to include six other specialized majors whose expertise is recognized in various ministries found in virtually every church.

Every Major partners with local churches to help students grow in orthopraxy to balance their growing knowledge of orthodoxy.  Academic study tours to Israel have added a distinct advantage to their ability to teach biblical truth.  Feedback from alumni and current students alike demonstrates the value of our high priority of building character and healthy relationships which stand the test of time.  We continually place ourselves under inspection to determine where improvement can be both prescriptive and preventative.  We journey with them to excel in learning,


Pastoral Ministry Evidences and Supporting Documents