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MSCHE Standard 11: Educational Offerings


The institution’s educational offerings display academic content, rigor, and coherence appropriate to its higher education mission. The institution identifies student learning goals and objectives, including knowledge and skills, for its educational offerings.

Analysis of Evidences

Evidence of academic content and rigor can be seen in the fact that LBC students generally score around the norm or higher on standardized testing such as the ETS Proficiency Profile, Standardize Assessment of Information Literacy Skills, PRAXIS exams and others. Specific results and analysis of those results can be found in the Institutional Effectiveness web pages.

LBC has established learning goals and objectives at various levels; course objectives, program objectives, departmental objectives, information literacy goals, general education goals, biblical education goals and core knowledge & skills. Objectives and goals are all mapped to higher level objectives. The process of mapping the objectives and goals was completed in the spring 2012 and analysis of the full map will be conducted during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Evidences of Compliance

Curriculum Mapping