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ABHE Standard 11: Academic Programs


The Institution’s academic programs are appropriate to the achievement of its mission and to the level of educational programs offered, with some programs oriented specifically to full-time vocational ministry but all programs enabling students to achieve a biblical worldview.

Analysis of Evidences

LBC has established learning goals and objectives appropriate for an institution of biblical higher learning. These goals and objectives can be found at various levels; course objectives, program objectives, departmental objectives, information literacy goals, general education goals, biblical education goals and core knowledge & skills. Objectives and goals are all mapped to higher level objectives culminating in our Core Knowledge & Skills, which includes #4, Develop the principles necessary for a biblical worldview resulting in a dynamic understanding of one’s role in relation to God, self, and the world. The process of mapping the objectives and goals is nearing completion (Spring 2012) and analysis of the full map will be conducted during the 2012-2013 academic year. However, it is already apparent that almost all of the courses offered at LBC have at least one course objectives that can be tied back to our Core Knowledge and Skill #4.

Evidences of Compliance

Curriculum Mapping