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MSCHE Standard 14: Assessment of Student Learning


Assessment of student learning demonstrates that, at graduation, or other appropriate points, the institution’s students have knowledge, skills, and competencies consistent with institutional and appropriate higher education goals.

Analysis of Evidences

Assessment of student learning is conducted at multiple levels and across a variety of venues. At the course level, instructors document student attainment of course objectives through Assessment Annotations. Each program has an assessment plan which documents the achievement of program goals. Assessment of general education goals is document by the Arts & Sciences Department in their assessment plan and the Bible & Theology Department documents the achievement of Biblical Education goals. Assessment and documentation of higher level goals such as Information Literacy and Core Knowledge & Skills can be found in the Institutional Effectiveness assessment plan.

Evidences of Compliance

Arts & Sciences Evidences

Bible & Theology Evidences

Assessment Annotations

Assessment of Student Learning

Institutional Effectiveness