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ABHE Standard 9: Faculty


The Institution maintains a faculty committed to its mission and qualified academically and spiritually to facilitate student learning within their disciplines and to contribute to the development of a biblical worldview. The Institution fosters an academic climate that stimulates the exchange of ideas, encourages professional development, and promotes the well being of faculty.

Analysis of Evidences

Years ago an intentional move was made to pull together Admissions and Student Services department into one area, Enrollment Management. The goal is to be able to track a student from prospect to graduate to ensure LBC admits, retains, and graduates students whose interests, goals, and abilities are congruent with our mission and goals. The coordinated efforts of these departments assist students in meeting their educational goals.

Students are supported in their curricular and extra-curricular endeavors by a wide-range of units on campus; from Campus Safety to Health Services; from Reaching Academic Potential to Information Systems. The effectiveness of each support unit is measured by its individual departmental Assessment Plan. The Cabinet members responsible for support units hold their department heads or chairs accountable for institutional renewal through regular meetings as well as through a systematic review of assessment plans and formal evaluations. A review of these assessment plans during the fall of 2011 indicate the need for many of them to be updated and revised to better reflect the current level of effectiveness.

An analysis of how effective LBC in accomplishing this standard can be found in a variety of places including the web pages for our Admissions, Marketing, Institutional Effectiveness, and Reaching Academic Potential departments  as well as other departments within Enrollment Management.

Evidences of Compliance

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